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Siman 674 - When is it Muttar to Light One Candle From Another?


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Siman 674, se'if 1


Is it muttar to light one Chanukah candle from another? ["Halacha Sources" presentation of this entire siman]

          The Shulchan Aruch writes: One may light one Chanukah candle from another Chanukah candle; [but this is true] only for lighting from this one to that one with no intermediary; [whereas] to light from this one to that one by means of a "non-Mitzvah candle"  - [that is] assur. [On the other hand,] some hold that this is also muttar, unless it is [being done] in such a way that there is [reason] to be concerned that the non-Mitzvah candle will go out before it will light the other (Mitzvah) candle.

          The Rema writes: [However,] the minhag is to be stringent concerning Chanukah candles - not even to light from one candle to another candle (because its main Mitzvah is only one candle - and the rest is not so much of a Mitzvah - and therefore one should not light this one from that one). [Still,] all this is only while they are still burning for their Mitzvah, but after the time of the Mitzvah has passed - it is muttar to derive benefit from them - [so] all the more so [it's clear that] it is muttar to light [others] from them.

          [Classic sources: Shabbos 22a-23a.]



Siman 674, se'if 2


Is it muttar to light a Mitzvah candle (i.e. in general, not necessarily those of Chanukah) from another (and does it matter if they are for different Mitzvahs)?

          The Shulchan Aruch writes: "There is someone who holds" that [when it comes to] a candle of the synagogue and of Shabbos and of Chanukah - all of them are [candles] of a Mitzvah, and [therefore] one may light one from another.

          The Rema elaborates: The Halacha is the same [for] a candle of Torah study or a candle [lit] for a sick person who needs a candle; and regarding a synagogue candle, see above [O.C.] siman 154, se'if 14.