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Siman 678 - Precedence of Shabbos Candles over Chanukah Candles


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Siman 678, se'if 1


(a) If due to limited capability one has to choose whether to light a candle for Chanukah or for Shabbos, what is the correct order of priority to follow? ["Halacha Sources" presentation of this entire siman]

          The Shulchan Aruch writes (put simply): If one cannot buy both, he should buy one for Shabbos, because of [the need for] "the peace of one's home."

          The Rema writes: See above [O.C.] siman 263 se'if 3, [where we learn that the Shabbos candle also "outweighs" buying "wine" for the Shabbos evening kiddush].

          [Classic sources: Shabbos 23b.]


(b) If one has to choose between "wine" (for the Shabbos [evening] kiddush) and the Chanukah candle, what is the correct order of priority to follow?

          The Shulchan Aruch writes: One should buy [what he needs] for the Chanukah candle, for the sake of publicizing the miracle.

          The Rema writes: [In addition,] the Chanukah candle likewise takes precedence over the wine of havdalah, as above [Mishnah Berurah's emendation] in siman 296 se'if 5.

          [Classic sources: Shabbos 23b.]