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Siman 679 - Chanukah Candle-lighting on the Eve of the Shabbos


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Siman 679, se'if 1


(a) What is the correct order of priority (i.e. which is lit first) between the candle lit for Chanukah and the one for Shabbos? ["Halacha Sources" presentation of this entire siman]

          The Shulchan Aruch writes (put simply): On the eve of the Shabbos, one lights the Chanukah "candle" first, and afterwards the Shabbos "candle".

          [Classic sources: See Shabbos 23b.]


(b) How early on Friday afternoon can one light the Chanukah candle which is for the night of Shabbos, and still say the bracha?

          The Rema writes: [One may do so] even though one is lighting while "the day is yet great" [i.e. long before nightfall].