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Siman 683 - Hallel is Completed on all Eight Days of Chanukah


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Siman 683, se'if 1


(a) Do the prayer obligations of Chanukah include the saying of Hallel? ["Halacha Sources" presentation of this entire siman]

          The Shulchan Aruch writes: Hallel is completed on all eight days of Chanukah.

          [Classic sources: Erchin 10a-b.]


(b) In the prayer services throughout Chanukah, does one add the supplement of Tachanun, or of "Lamenatzayach", or of "Tzidkascha" (at Mincha of Shabbos)?

          The Rema writes: [On] all eight days of Chanukah, they are not said - and neither is Tziduk HaDin [formal "acceptance of the judgment" - the Ashkenazi minhag is not to say it on any "days when Tachanun is not said" (Y.D. 401:6)]; and [this applies] also at Mincha on the day before Chanukah, and see above [O.C.] siman 131.